Governor Brown,
The time is now to
ban fracking in California:

Tell Governor Brown to visit communities impacted by fracking

Visit the people and communities who live with fracking -- and then tell us it has zero impact.

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As Governor Brown strives to build a legacy around his action on climate change, he continues to ignore the very real impacts of dangerous extraction on communities and the planet. Without a plan to stop extraction in the state, California continues to allow fracking in communities of color that are already living with the impacts of climate change, industry, and the drought.

California is the third largest oil producing state in the U.S. Over 75% of the state’s oil production and 95% of its fracking happens in Kern County in the Central Valley – making it the highest oil-producing county in the country. These operations have had profoundly negative effects on the surrounding communities and will continue to worsen the drought and exacerbate climate change.

This film tells the stories of those living on the front lines of fracking during a historic drought.


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