Over the weekend, while I was gathering signups for 10/10 on the National Mall in Washington DC with a Polar Bear, a few of our good friends in Nigeria hosted some of the most inspiring Earth Day events I've come across this year. Here's a guest post from star activist Esther Agbarakwe of the Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition (she's wearing the 350 shirt):

Some of the participants in our Earth Day celebration traveled as far as from Bayelsa state (Niger Delta) and Sokoto state (North West). After the introduction of participants, Taiwo explained what What Earth Day Celebration means and how it started, he shared the story of many youths taking action across the world.
We then went into a a mini workshop on climate change and youth action, this was led by Ilona (finland) and I, using participatory approach. Participants expalnied what they understood about climate change and what young people can do.Varoius action such as Capacity building, policy advocacy, tree planting and community sensitization was all suggested and adopted.
After break, we had the 350 climate Meetup and disscused what we want for 10/10/10. It was agreed to have a two events on that day,
1st: Community sensitization and street clean ups during the day and 2nd, An Award night for all climate Change Champions both young and old!, an event that will show case our cultural heritage (Participants will wear local made fabric with only green and white colours..hopefulling walking on a green carpet) while creating a big awareness on climate change and what young people are doing. We will also honour "Elders" that have supported young people in their fight againt climate change, under the category of " intergenerational Partnership Awards" which we hope will inspire more adult- youth partnership.
Four Working group has been setting up and geared for effective actions. the group are: Media and Sponsorship, Awards and Programs Working groups.  Recuritment is ongoing for new members while an online group and a wep page will be developed for 10/10/10 Work Party Nigeria!!!!

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