Earth Month Climate Campaigner Spotlight: Soraya Fettih


Today, we’re kicking off “Earth Month” with a campaign update about the very exciting work I do with the 350 team in France. I’m really excited to share the news about the progress we’re making this year!

Here in France, we have a huge fossil fuel corporation called Total. They’re one of the biggest polluters on the planet, while pretending to be part of the transition to green energy.

But the amazing ability of our movement to defeat them gives me hope. Fossil fuel companies can’t continue to pollute if they don’t have funding, so we’re working together with other groups around the country to cut off Total’s cash flow from banks and governments. By shaming Total for their worst oil and gas projects across the world, we are making them less appealing to financial backers.

One of Total’s projects includes a massive crude oil pipeline through the heart of Africa. This pipeline risks millions of people’s livelihood and lives and would destroy critical habitats for wildlife.

Recently, we welcomed a delegation of four Ugandan climate activists to France and neighbouring countries, where they met with politicians, celebrities and even the Pope, in order to raise vital support for their fight against the pipeline. Yes, activists in our movement met the Pope!

I was thrilled to work with the delegation from Uganda on this two-week political and media tour. It was a humbling experience to interact with people who are being directly impacted by the climate crisis and fighting on the frontlines against massive fossil fuel projects. I learned so much from their unique and important perspective.

I was particularly impressed by Maxwell Atuhura, who has been arrested several times by the Ugandan government because of his fight against Total. It reminded me of how privileged I am, being able to fight for climate justice in safety without such tremendous personal risks.

You can watch and share a short video update from the tour and find ways to get involved here.

Building a strong and diverse movement that can stand up to the immense challenge and injustices of the climate crisis is essential to our fight. That’s why we have been striving to build coalitions against Total and this destructive pipeline that include human rights and anti-racism NGOs, so that we can also tackle the colonialist and imperialist aspects of Total’s polluting corporate empire.

Thank you again for taking a moment to read my update. I hope you have enjoyed this Earth Month spotlight and stay tuned for more ways to help us take down Total.

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