It’s after midnight here in Copenhagen, on an unusual day. About 6 p.m.,  we were finishing a very solemn vigil to mark this day of fasting–a vigil which was addressed by two young women who have been fasting 42 days, drinking only water. It was somber and lovely all at the same time, with a huge crowd on hand.


Then, all of a sudden, came news that a document had leaked from the UN Secretariat. For reasons not yet clear, my name was scrawled across the front twice–perhaps because it concerned something we at 350 had been talking about for weeks. Namely–as the first piece in the Guardian, which you can find below, made clear–the proposals on the table here aren’t even enough to meet their totally insufficient two degree goal. Indeed, they’re about 50 percent higher, yielding at least a three degree increase. Yielding a wrecked world.


This late in the conference it probably won’t derail the stage-managed agreement expected tomorrow. But it does make clear how intellectually dishonest this whole process has been–and how necessary it is for you to keep up the truth-telling you’ve done for


Tomorrow is the last day of the conference, and we will keep you posted on events. Thanks so much for your eloquent reflections on fasting–I read a bunch of them aloud tonight at the vigil, and they clearly made the women who had been fasting for six weeks very happy.

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