As we speak, Members of European Parliament are debating the future of the EU climate package behind closed doors. Industry lobbyists are poised to water down the agreement by saying 4°C is an acceptable level of warming, despite scientific evidence that it would have disastrous consequences like droughts, floods, hurricanes, billions of refugees and a multi-meter sea level rise.

That is unacceptable — we must reverse our current path and bring CO2 levels below 350 parts per million in the atmosphere, the only safe level. In addition, the EU is a key actor in international climate negotiations and if Brussels won’t take leadership then it is hard to tell who will.

The final vote on the climate package will take place early next week, so we urgently need you to take action by sending a message to a few key MEPs. Let them know that you will not accept a package that does not put us on the path to 350ppm and a safe, just, prosperous future. Tell them that they are responsible for how our lives and our planet will look like and that this is the key issue for the Parliamentary elections next year. It’s time for them to lead.

Dorette Corbey, Netherlands [email protected]

Lena Ek, Sweden [email protected]

Gunnar Hökmark, Sweden [email protected]

Eija-Riitta Korhola, Finland [email protected]

Werner Langen, Germany [email protected]

Johannes Swoboda, Austria [email protected]


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