This is a guest post from Emily Hunter who is a rock-star eco-activist helping coordinate our media outreach and organizing across Canada:

In the northern reaches of the Arctic to isolated island, all across Canada we are getting fired up for As of today it’s official, every province and territory across Canada is on board with 10/10/10.

Some highlights include:

•    Member of Parliament, Maria Minna, has committed to going solar in the next 10 months in support of 10/10/10
•    Citizens are building flood dykes in Vancouver to protect homes from increased flooding
•    A family home is going 100% off the grid with solar power in Hitckcock Bay, Saskatchewan

Last year, the beginning of a strong climate movement showed face in my country. On Oct. 24th, 2009, several thousand youth took over Parliament Hill in Ottawa to give our leader a strong message: that we want action now!

But they haven’t given us that. If anything the Canadian government has done the opposite, subsidizing 1.5 billion dollars to the fossil fuel regime and cutting investments in renewable energy. Yet despite this, Canadians are showing that we are not backing down. Our movement is only getting stronger.

This year, On Oct. 10th (on Thanksgiving weekend for us), there are over 200 events across the country, including some of our most northern territories and remote islands: the Yukon, Nunavut and Prince Edward Island.

In the Yukon, people will weatherize low-income homes. In Nunavut they will take the day to walk instead of drive. While in Prince Edward Island, they will cycle on hybrid electric bikes across the coastal shorelines to urge politicians to use alternative energies.

With this growing movement around the world and in Canada, today I am proud to write that I am a Canadian! Thank you for giving me hope again!

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