We want to share an important initiative from our friends at Fighting Poverty with Faith.

The folks at Fighting Poverty with Faith are organizing a United States mobilization, Good Jobs, Green Jobs, whose goal is to create a strong and united faith voice to ensure that as the US transitions to a new economy, that is does so in a way that is energy efficient and respectful of the earth, and that the legislation that is passed and the programs that are created will lead to meaningful poverty reduction.  The mobilization is happening the week leading up to October 24.

"Every day faith organizations serve individuals in need within our communities.  But our efforts to sustain our brothers and sisters living in poverty must be complemented with a serious plan of action from our political leaders to reduce the number of needy. By speaking out collectively during this week, we hope to expand the national conversation on the need to create green pathways out of poverty, and create a mandate for our political leadership to aggressively pursue an anti-poverty agenda." – Becky Eisen, Field Organizer, Jewish Council for Public Affairs

The green jobs movement and the climate movement are inextricably tied together – green jobs will help secure a safer climate and working towards a safer climate will in turn lead to more green jobs. That’s why many local faith groups participating in Fighting Poverty with Faith will be holding 350 signs throughout their week of events. And as part of the Fighting Poverty with Faith’s event schedule, 350 Founder Bill McKibben will be giving a Climate Convocation on Oct. 18th at Harvard University’s Memorial Church. Check out the US event calendar for events near you – you can also add your own.

We’re very excited about the overlap between our mobilizations, so please make sure to let us know if you’re planning on taking 350 action with Fighting Poverty with Faith by sending us an email at [email protected].

Fighting Poverty with Faith’s week of events come with perfect timing as they’re a wonderful way to build momentum for the ever-approaching International Day of Climate Action – On Oct. 24th!

The faith community is a strong part of the 350.org movement. Visit 350.org/faith for specific ideas and resources to help you get your faith community involved in the climate movement.

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