Most of our 350 team has arrived in Cancun, where the weather is warm, the Gulf of Mexico is turquoise in color, and where we're all brushing up on our Spanish language skills.

The message of 10/10/10, "Let's Get to Work," is just as relevant today as it was then. We've all got to keep up our campaigning, as tirelessly as we can, in order to build the kind of political pressure that will force real change. The status quo line, "Not much expected in Cancun"… is tired out already and the talks haven't even started. I promise, we won't say any of that on the 350 blog.

Here in Cancun we're working with our partners in youth networks around the world (some of them are pictured here). This photo is from the 6th annual Conference of Youth, where hundreds of young people from many countries join to learn from one another, inspire one another, and get ready for two weeks of hard work. We did a workshop about local-to-global movement building.

I'm especially fired up because I just heard yet another presentation about how the United States is holding up progress on climate change globally. While no countries can get off the hook, the biggest per capita emitter with the most capacity to pay for emissions reductions (and tons to gain from investing in alternatives!) certainly can't get away with this anymore.

I can't wait to roll out a new set of campaigns that help fire up a new generation of activists, and really scare elected officials into believing that there are true costs to ignoring the climate change movement.

We have two weeks to show the direction we're headed in this movement. Let's get started.

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