350.org founder Bill McKibben is on the road so much talking with audiences across the country (and around the world) about the need to build a social movement to save our planet, that it's often hard to keep track of him. Many 350.org supporters have heard Bill speak before and know how inspiring he can be. 

I'm confident that the big crowd that heard Bill speak last night at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina felt his enthusiasm and energy as we countdown the final days until October 10th's Global Work Party. As you can see on the site, we're going to have more than 7,000 events in 188 countries across the planet this weekend — the most widespread day of carbon-cutting action in history. 

As you can see from the photo, it was an overflow crowd — more than 700 people turned out to hear Bill speak (see if you can spot him poking up above the 350 sign in the front). 

While I'm excited to get Bill up to Washington, DC so that he can do some more media interviews — we've got CNN International lined up for this Sunday — Warren Wilson couldn't be a more appropriate place for him to be just before 10/10/10. The college is famous for its commitment to the environment and how it makes sure every student gives back to the college community through a campus job. When I visited a friend who went there, we saw her dorm room, but also went down to the barn to see some goats that she had been taking care of! 

Many thanks to all of friends at Warren Wilson for hosting Bill just days before 10/10/10. You all set a great example of how to get to work on climate solutions not just on one day, but everyday of the year. 

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