Yesterday, UK MPs voted for the first time on fracking, as part of the so-called Infrastructure Bill. It looks like the government is conceding and is adopting the opposition’s (Labour Party) amendment, which would still allow fracking to take place, but under certain safeguards (e.g. no national parks, no over aquifers). The amendment for a moratorium on fracking was voted down. An amendment to consult the independent Committee on Climate Change “from time to time” in order to check the compatibility of fracking with climate goals was passed.

The Bill now goes for a reading in the House of Lords, where insiders believe some of those proposed safeguards might be taken out.

Even with the proposed safeguards, fracking could still be allowed in the county of Lancashire, where an application by fracking company Cuadrilla could be the first one to be green-lighted in the country.

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The fight goes on.

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