Mountain bike racing is about fits and starts.  It’s about being in the right place at the right time and fighting to keep your position through turns, twists and obstacles.  The best riders are scrappy and tough, pairing fitness with the most delicate technical skills.

Veterans of mountain biking race in all elements, travel to the world’s farthest reaches and connect with the planet in a way that eludes most folks.  It’s these skills, this exposure, that make mountain bike racers likely climate crusaders. They know the planet they’re working with.  A look at the 350athletes page supports this theory: our stable of elite riders is diverse and talented. 

This month those same riders have been gathering exposure on our behalf.  We highlighted Lea Davison’s video 350 plug after a national level race in the US.

Heather Irmiger, known for demanding a spot with the 350 crew , recently won the US championship and World Cup veteran Kashi Leuchs retired from World Cup racing citing climate work as his next big challenge.  (Read the cyclingnews article on Kashi that speaks to his 350 connection here

We’re thrilled to have a persistent group of folks pushing the cause.  Keep your eyes peeled for more 350athlete news as we steer towards the October 24th day of action.

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