Let’s Say it From a Mountain Top #StopTheMoneyPipeline


Banner on the summit of Mount Teewinot

Put your hands up if you ever dreamed about organizing an action with a huge banner dropping from a mountain top. Well, we did it!

We partnered with Protect Our Winters, ski mountaineer Zahan Billimoria and his son Aloysha, and professional skier, Kai Jones who dropped a 6×18 meter banner on the summit of Mount Teewinot, Wyoming. 

Our demands from the #FossilFreeFed campaign remains, we want President Biden to nominate a climate leader as Chair of the Federal Reserve. And for the Federal Reserve to account for climate risks to phase out fossil fuel finance across the economy.

Sow Hope, Reap Solidarity

Asia Solidarity Lab

The Asia Solidarity Lab successfully brought together leaders, activists and people-powered movements to connect in Asia. We came together to explore how we can genuinely stand in solidarity with each other’s fights, uplift local struggles and unite our calls towards regenerative movement-building for the good of all.

We had over 20 partners producing with us a total of 32 learning and strategy sessions, 5 plenary panels, 6 cultural pieces and 1 closing action: the Asia Solidarity Lab manifesto! It was a really beautiful and diverse event, with more than 500 participants from 50 countries.

We are committed to continuing to build people power through intersectional organizing and movement-building, recognizing that our struggles and solutions are linked and campaigning for justice on all fronts. If you missed the Lab, no worries — most of the panels were recorded and will be available here.

Let’s Dance for Climate Change

Let’s dance! 

Our Indonesia team has created a fun, exciting approach to raise awareness about the climate crisis with a dance competition to show solidarity for the KPOP fans. We want all KPOPers in Indonesia to raise their voice on the impact of the fossil fuels industry. The demand is simple, #NineTenMustEnd and the South Korean government must stop funding the Java 9 and 10 coal plants. 

The stage is set and we must join the movement.

BP is out of the Game!

The big oil giant BP was sponsoring Channel 4 ‘s primetime coverage of the Paralympics, but thanks to people speaking out and mobilising against their involvement, they got dropped.

This fantastic news came after a campaign we did on this together with Culture Unstained. The broadcaster made the right decision and will be on the right side of history and said no to money from the climate-wrecking company BP.


Transforming Eskom: Africa’s Biggest Polluter

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) is blocking the flow of energy into the South African democracy.

It’s about time that the citizens benefited from renewable energy that is affordable, creates jobs, is socially owned and above all…sustainable. Don’t miss out as 350 Africa call on the DMRE and demand a just energy future for South Africa. There is no future in dirty energy!

Join the action or help us amplify it, and #UprootTheDMRE  


  • The destructive wake of Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida made landfall along the Louisiana coast on Sunday, 29 August, 2021 as a Category 4 storm. A dreadful climate emergency resulting in severe weather conditions leaving a trail of destruction in the communities.

We can not go back to business as usual. This heartbreaking event is another reminder that we need to move away from fossil fuels immediately!  

  • Tropical storms in Haiti

Haiti was hit by a deadly 7.2 magnitude earthquake just over 2 weeks ago, which followed heavy rains and powerful winds. Again, the impacts of climate change impact the most vulnerable harder.

Sadly, these disasters claimed 2,207 lives and about 334 people were presumed missing.

We showed our support through a relief thread on Twitter tagging organisations that are providing on the ground support and relief.

  • Wildfires everywhere

Deadly wildfires in the southern part of France on 17 August, 2021 are believed to have covered 7,000 hectares, and claimed at least 2 lives, and injured 22..

A message of solidarity was sent out on social media.

Make no mistake: the heat waves, lack of regular rain or chronicle draughts that are causing these disasters are no coincidence.

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