It’s inspiring to see the full-throated resistance of cities, states, and people across the world to Donald Trump’s reckless and immoral climate policy, including his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.

World leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris Agreement goals. More than 1200 mayors, governors, college presidents, and business leaders are standing up as part of the “We are Still in” coalition for climate action. And last week a broad coalition of organizations delivered 2.5 million signatures to the United Nations urging those countries still in the Paris agreement to fill the gaps left by the Trump administration’s refusal to cooperate.

To face down the kind of obstruction and violence practiced by the Trump Administration, we will need even more public officials to speak out – and to take dramatic action to build 100% renewable energy, stop new fossil fuel projects, and divest from coal, oil and gas companies.

On Saturday people across America rallied and marched at city halls, capitols and public squares to call for the action from local governments that we need. Here are some of the people standing up to say #ActOnClimate:



New York:

Ann Arbor:

Los Angeles:

Today at the LA State Historic Park #ActOnClimate hosted a beautiful rally and round-dance for Climate Justice. The mission: “Together, we will rally for the steps we know are necessary to deliver on the goals of Paris: moving to 100% renewable energy, stopping new fossil fuel projects, divesting from coal, oil and gas companies, and more.” Among the great speakers who came before the crowd included: Jack Eidt, Co-Founder of SoCal 350 Climate Action; Lydia Ponce, Co-Director of American Indian Movement Southern California; Paul Koretz, Council Member of City of Los Angeles; Martha Dina Arguello, Executive Director of Physicians for Social Responsibility and Matt Pakucko, Co-Founder of Save Porter Ranch. Check out 350 to get involved in events in your local community! ( . . . #350org #ActOnClimate #BreakFree #ClimateChange #ClimateJustice #Divesting #EnvironmentalRally #LocalCommunity #ParisAgreement #RenewableEnergy #SoCal350 #WaterIsLife #Sustainability #ThermalPower #SolarPower #WindPower

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San Diego:

With Trump in the White House, state and local action is more important than ever. Thanks to each and every one of you who’ve been part of the huge groundswell for climate action – together we will continue forward, not backward.

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