The G7 Leaders summit in Hiroshima, Japan has finished. 50 actions in 21 countries along with more than 10,000 people supporting the petition, amplified our demands for Japan and the rest of the G7 to end the age of fossil fuels and ramp up real solutions to the climate crisis.

The summit was an opportunity for global leaders to commit to real climate action. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Kishida and other G7 leaders failed to acknowledge their historical responsibility for the climate crisis, which will worsen conditions for global conflicts.

It is disappointing that Japan still heavily relies on polluting fossil fuels and risky nuclear energy. Its involvement in promoting greenwashing technologies adds insult to injury. This shows that global “leaders” or the wealthiest nations will not lead us towards a peaceful and fossil-free future. Real leadership still lies with us – the people.

The G7 welcoming targets for renewable energy is the result of many years of organising and campaigning, despite the efforts of fossil fuel lobbyists. Progress is being made, but we need to speed things up.

We must continue to fight for climate justice and stand together in our strength and diversity. We will hold firm on our demands to keep global heating below 1.5º C. Our work is not done until we achieve climate justice for all.

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We must keep rejecting false solutions, embrace Indigenous knowledge and respect the rights of communities. We need commitment from governments, banks, and financial institutions to cut ties with the fossil fuel industry.

The G7 governments are at a crucial point where they must decide whether to maintain the current state of pollution and climate emergency, or pave the way for a fossil-free economy that benefits everyone.

Let’s continue demanding that they make the right choice.

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