It took extremely creative minds to come up with this…

Our friends at the Global Challenge Award, and their Indian partners, Neeti Solutions, have created a gaming competition for students all focused on reducing CO2 level back below 350 ppm!

Here is a summary of how the game works:

"The objective of this competition is to motivate students to act against Climate Change and the reason for using computer games is that it is easy to entice and connect the GenNext. The competition, started on September 12, 2009, will be held at three levels. The voice of all participants will be rallied and will join the global movement, The International Climate Action Day, on October 24, 2009.

The competition started with about 500 teens participating in first round from Pune, India with more to follow soon from India, US and other parts of the world. They have a lot to say about their “Fun and Learn” experience in just a short while.

The first level, called 350 PPM, comprises of five games, in some of which, teens design an “Energy Efficient House”, make a personal commitment by pledging a “Low Carbon Diet Plan”, and they have fun while applying their knowledge with the traditional “Snakes and Ladders” game. The top 350 scorers qualify for the second round…



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