The G7 Leaders summit in Hiroshima is just two days away! Actions have been taking place in Japan this past weekend, and more are happening all over the world.

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Japan’s G7 presidency opens an opportunity for us to demand that the government stop supporting all fossil fuels immediately. We can’t let this chance just pass by.

This week, 40 actions are planned in 20 countries. This only shows how the global climate movement is getting stronger, and we will keep going until we achieve a future where we can live in peace and harmony with each other and with the planet.

Our demands are simple: we want clean air, safety and a just recovery from the impacts of climate change, and protection from being forced to leave our homes. Achieving these requires Japan and the rest of the G7 countries to stop funding all fossil fuels everywhere and fast-track the renewable energy future.

Your solidarity with every person taking these demands to the streets is needed now more than ever. Rest assured, we will deliver the petition at the G7 summit – all we ask of you is to sign up to support this work.

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Keep your eyes out next week for a wrap-up update of the global week of action, so you can share it far and wide to make our calls even louder.

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