Take a look at this great video from our friends at the Green Long March in China:

Last week, 350.org arts ambassador, Kevin Buckland, joined the Green Long March — our lead organizers in China — on their Grasslands Route, an environmental march through Inner Mongolia. Along the way, Chinese students held environmental awareness events and spread the word about the October 24 International Day of Climate Action.The Green Long March is doing amazing work across all of China and we’re so grateful for their leadership.

Art is an integral part to this campaign (so much so that a friend started to call us artivists instead of activists). I don’t know about the label, but I love the idea: art has always been essential to political change, from the local to the international. October 24 will be a powerful call for climate action because, in large part, of it’s beauty.

Check out this article by Bill McKibben in Grist about all the art that’s gathering around the 350 campaign! 

As you plan an event for that day, think about how to make it visually stunning. Maybe you can take action in an iconic place that will make a striking backdrop for your action photo. Or you can get kids (and kids at heart) to help you paint your banner with finger paint. Make it bright, make it beautiful, and together, we’ll make a huge impact.

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