A big shout out to our friends at Greenpeace who have been helping promote the International Day of Climate Action and 350 all over the world. When it comes to creative and stunning actions, Greenpeace has lead the way for years and we’re excited to have them on board. Speaking of on board, check out this great photo of a 350 being held aloft on the Rainbow Warrior off the coast of Spain:


The first Rainbow Warrior was sunk in 1985 by the French government while Greenpeace was working to resist nuclear testing. Earlier today (or was it yesterday? timezones are getting smudged here at 350 headquarters) we got great footage from a dive down to that first Rainbow Warrior’s wreckage: 

Both Greenpeace and 350.org are part of the TckTckTck coalition that is counting down the hours until the Copenhagen climate conference this December. But we talk about all of that plenty. Today is a moment to revel in our movement and the many friends and allies that make it possible. Thank you Greenpeace and all our friends! 

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