Last May in Northern California, in preparation for 10/10/10, a diverse coalition of groups (including Transition Sebastopol, Transition Cotati and over 40 school, church, business, non-profit and civic partners) organized toward an ambitious goal: get 350 gardens planted in Sonoma County over the course of one weekend. Ultimately, 628 gardens were planted or revitalized, and the participants used the event as an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of local food production, water conservancy, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, supporting local business, and community resiliency.

Inspired by the wildly successful (and delicious!) 350 Garden Challenge last year, Transition Us is rolling out a national 350 Home & Garden Challenge that will take place on May 14th ad 15th. If you live in the United States, this will be a great chance to join a movement of thousands of engaged citizens as they get to work on food, water, energy and/or community strengthening projects across the country on a single weekend.

There are resources available for the 350 Home & Garden Challenge here, where you can learn about any of number of fun, engaging projects to take on—and please remember to register so that your action will be counted!


2011 350 HOME & GARDEN CHALLENGE: *Plant Treats* from TINBIKE on Vimeo.

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