Sometimes it seems that one aspect of global warming we discuss little is… the warming.  Overall, the warming of a climate is a global trend and does not mean all places are getting warmer all the time, or perhaps even getting warmer at all.  But in some place, temperatures are undoubtedly going up — including more severe and more frequent extreme heat waves.  And that is just the case right now in India.

Over the last three weeks it seems that every email I've received from 350 partners and organizers in India has included mention of record high temperatures — between 45 and 51 degrees Celcius across much of the country!  That's between 113 and 124 degrees Fahrenheit!  It's hot enough to generate some seriously sad news as well.

This is truly a killer heatwave.  The BBC is reporting that over 1,000 people have died from heat stroke in the state of Andhra Pradesh alone.  And for much of the country this is becoming an annual trajedy.

This is global warming trend that people can most definitely feel.  And our hearts go out to all those suffering from those impacts.

It's never fun to be the bearer of such bad news, but it's important these realities — a sad reminder that it is with urgency that we are Getting to Work this year.

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