Here at 350 we often say that to get back to a 350ppm limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere we need to get beyond fossil fuels as quickly as possible and build up a 100% renewables powered future.

A recently launched report by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) underlines this vision by demonstrating that one big piece of the climate solutions puzzle has to be the rapid development of renewables by quickly introducing renewables energy policies in as many countries as possible. The 900 pages Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation analyzed the growth potential of different renewable energy sources, existing policies to support a rapid growth of renewables and the possibilities of meeting raising energy needs by increasing the use of renewables. Although the report falls short when it comes to proposing a clear vision and pathway towards a 100% renewable energy powered future (see WWF's The Energy Report for a 2050 100% renewables future vision and pathway) it sends strong signals regarding the massive renewable energy potential and the strongly growing interest all around the world in renewables.

The barrier towards a renewables powered future doesn't lay in a lack of renewable energy resources or technical limitations of rapidly deploying renewables all around the world – it lays with political will to quickly move towards a clean energy future as quickly as possible.

Here at 350 we will be continuing to campaign for a 100% renewables powered future: by campaigning for strong national renewable energy laws and policies, by symbolically asking our political leaders to put solar on it and by organizing huge renewable powered rallies, concerts, rides and actions at our next big action day – Moving Planet.

Many places around the world are already planning Moving Planet rallies campaigning for renewables – in Wellington, NZ, thousands of people – arriving in moving parades of skateboarders, cyclists, roller-bladers, kayakers, swimmers, sailors and walking groups – will bring a declaration to their city council stating that the future of the city lays in renewables.  And in New Delhi, India, the 350 network and its friends and partners will work together on a huge action to demonstrate the need to start planning a renewable powered future for India that will not only help to fight the climate crisis but also help to provide clean energy to all people living in this huge country.

And to get you inspired how you could use your Moving Planet action to demand a 100% renewables powered future – have a look at the small collection of some of our favorite renewables actions by the 350 network:


Starting our Global Work Party on 10/10/10 with a Solar Panel Dance in NZ


Getting the White House to put solar panels on its roof – the Put Solar on It Road Tour 2010


Implementing renewables projects in Namibia, Africa


Campaigning for renewables in front of the Brandenburger Gate, Berlin, Germany

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