Block the Banks

Action training to stop fossil fuels – London, November 8-10th

Big banks are pushing us closer to climate breakdown, and they aren’t being held accountable. Banks aren’t just a place where you keep your money. They invest billions in the industries that are causing climate breakdown, building borders, and continuing the exploitation of the most vulnerable people. This has to stop!

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The call to action

Across the world, people are striking to demand bold action to address the climate crisis, keep fossil fuels in the ground, and build a fairer world for all. Social movements are also emphasising the links between the financial system and the multiple social injustices communities face, from the hostile environment to the occupation of Palestine.

In particular, finance is the foundation of the fossil fuel industry, the industry most responsible for the climate crisis. To operate, all fossil fuels projects need money. Through loans, underwriting and investments, public and private banks pour hundreds of billions of euros each year into the dirty fossil industry. Without this money, there’d be very little new fossil fuels projects. This has to stop.

Finance also builds the future. The investments and loans of today establish the energy sources of tomorrow. Fossil finance is now propping up fossil companies, and enabling them to keep adding new unnecessary fossil fuel projects. Instead, this money could finance the rapid, broad transition to a 100% renewable energy system we urgently need.

That’s why we’re organising Block the Banks- a mass training for climate action. And we’re looking for people to take bold immediate action, is this you?

Become one of the hundreds of new climate defenders which we will train with the skills needed to effectively organise and disrupt the fossil industry – particularly the financial institutions bankrolling climate injustice.

Whether it’s civil disobedience, writing social media posts, supporting legal teams, talking to the press or cooking food, all these roles are essential to creating the change we need.

At the first training we will take action together to disrupt the financial flows which fuel the fossil industry. We’ll learn about the finance industry and how it supports fossil fuel development and challenges the justice and dignity of communities. We’ll discuss how we can effectively and collectively demand them to change. We’ll share stories and experiences of effective organising we have been involved in or seen in the past.

We’ll connect and train, and decide together on a follow up date to organise distributed actions in our communities.

Apply to participate!

We’re now recruiting for Block the Banks. This training is open to anyone based in London or Glasgow and will take place in November in London. There are limited spaces available and we will prioritise those who are most able to put the training into action.

Apply through the form if you want to be involved.

Apply to participate!

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What is a Disrupt Fossil Finance Action Training?
  • our response to the need for urgent climate action
  • a type of action-oriented mass workshop
  • a learning space where new and experienced activists collectively build skills needed to organise effective actions
  • a space to discuss and develop collective strategy for distributed organising for climate and social justice
  • a space to take direct action together against fossil fuel finance – this action will be as accessible as possible, but will have some element of disruption and disobedience
Practical information

When: November 8-10th 2019

Where: Central London

Who can participate: anyone living in London and Glasgow committed to taking action against banks and for climate justice. No previous experience of activism is required.

Costs: This event is free and food will be provided. We offer travel bursaries and accommodation for Scottish participants.

What to expect: trainings in campaigning and direct action for climate and social justice

Is this action training for me?

This training is for people who want to be part of the growing movement demanding bold action on climate and social justice.

It is for activists, artists, grandparents, people who’ve never attended a protest, young people, people that sign petitions – basically anyone who’s ready to rise to the climate challenge! We need your creative ideas, your voice and your energy to take disruptive action against banks!

People with no or little experience in campaigning and direct action are very welcome to join. It will be a space to learn and grow together.

We invite people from a range of campaigning backgrounds.

Our commitment to diversity

We are committed to welcoming and including people from all genders, race, heritage, class, sexual orientations, and education background in our event. We believe that the diversity within our movement will be its strength.

We cannot guarantee that the space and event will always be free from oppression – we see this as collective work and responsibility – but we commit to have zero tolerance towards oppression, and will do our best to proactively apply tools to support our work towards collective liberation.