There are all kinds of one-line quotes you can come up with to connect the act of juggling to 350 and global warming.  ‘Don’t drop the ball – get us back to 350ppm,’ ‘A safe climate shouldn’t be a toss-up,’ and, as Roland and his friends chose, ‘Stop playing with global warming.’

Roland is all fired up about organizing for the 24th of October in Vienna, Austria, and from the photo he sent us yesterday, it looks like he’s already been out organizing and building the momentum.  Click the photo to see what’s actually going on…  I just hope that these jugglers can be part of the story on the 24th as well.

This is a fantastic example of connecting the friends and activities you are already involved with to create social change.  Who would have thought that a juggling corps could influnce the UN?  But their action will surely be a part of the story we bring to the government delegations, and hopefully it can be a story that inspires you to take action, too.

Thanks for the photo and creative use of the 350 organizing model, Roland.  Onwards to October!

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