I was just wondering what I might blog about at this particular moment, and poof, I got a fantastic photo from Mavis Muller in Homer, Alaska. Mavis, thank you for sending this to us and for keeping the momentum up!

HOMER, AK –  People of all ages celebrated their Cook Inlet watershed by creating this human mosaic of a salmon. They are sending a unified message about their concern over how climate change issues are threatening the health of Alaska’s wild salmon.


The event focused on coal because Alaska possesses roughly half the nation’s coal reserves and coal is the worst greenhouse gas producer of any fossil fuel.


"The Chuitna coal strip mine in Upper Cook Inlet would produce as much greenhouse gas pollution as about 1 billion cars,” said Bob Shavelson, Eexcutive Director of Cook Inletkeeper.  “To make matters worse, it will also be the first project in state history to mine directly through salmon spawning habitat.”


“Our planet needs a stable climate,"  said aerial art facilitator Mavis Muller.  ‘This action was a creative and fun way to have our voices heard, to get involved and to get motivated to make our decision makers listen.”




Images from the event can be seen at


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