What do tigers and thousands of school children in India have in common?  They can both roar extremely loudly, and they both need desparately for the world to get back below 350 ppm CO2. 

Yesterday over 1,000 school kids from across Delhi, India, braved sitting (or lying) in completely drenched grass and under a hot, hot sun for an hour to form a giant Tiger-350 aerial image with their bodies.  Photographers and media climbed up on top of Teen Murti Bhavan, the home of Jawaharla Nehru, the first prime minister of India — not quite as tall as the crane that was intended to be there, but enough for a beautiful image and call to action for sure… (time lapse video below)

Toger 350

Image and video credit: Spectral Q / Shiv Ahuja

And the image wasn’t the entire festivity for the day.  Organized in collaboration with our good friends at Kids for Tigers, Delhi Greens, the Indian Youth Climate Network, the Shri Ram School, and Spectral Q, the school children had a fun-filled morning of face-painiting, art and poster-making — all as part of an effort to send a powerful message to Indian and world leaders: we need international action to get the world back below 350 ppm CO2, protecting tigers, the forests in which they live, and humanity. 

And some of those same leaders they wished to influence were just inside at the same venue attending the 5th National Bengal Tiger Consultation organized by Sanctuary Asia and The Wildife Conservation Trust.

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