Last week, I was talking with Rami Ilazi, one of the participants here at the 350 Climate Advocacy Institute I’m helping run here in Dikili, Turkey, and he told me he couldn’t find his country listed among the choices on our Register an Action page.

I checked it out, and sure enough, Rami’s home country, Kosovo, wasn’t on the list. I found him at dinner, and apologized profusely, telling him that I had already let our web guy know and he would be fixing it shortly. Little did I know that it would be such a revolutionary act; Even though 65 countries recognize Kosovo as a country, many civil society organizations don’t, and therefore, activism and development have suffered from a lack of resources and attention.

Almost instantaneously after we added Kosovo to the list, the Kosovar blogosphere erupted with praise and support of Below are a few comments we got from them (thanks Rami for the translations):

"I am definitely now proud of, and that I belong to this incredible network of environmental activists. We are hosting an event in Kosovo on 24th of October as an answer to their call for world wide mobilization to appeal the world governments to come together to lower CO2 emissions. We will reach 350pmm through"

– Ramadan Ilazi, coordinator of Speak Up movement from Kosovo

"International civil society organizations have proven that managing artificial balance is not beneficial. listed Kosovo as a country and this is an encouragement and something that we take pride in, as we as civil society are one. did not take into consideration stereotypes and prejudice but valued the human capital of our society. Accept my appreciation for your right and courage step."

– Afrim Demiri, Journalist from the daily newspaper “Koha Ditore” from Kosovo/Ferizaj

"It was a very important and emotional moment when I saw Kosovo in the list countries of the I hope everyone else will follow their lead. Civil society organizations in Kosovo are taking lot of heat for cooperating with international organizations that do not recognize Kosovo as a country, although 65 UN countries have (USA, France, Great Britain, Germany, etc). Thank you and I wish you the best in your activities. You can count on my support."

– Petrit Zogaj, activist
" set a great example of respect for others and respect for self, for even though we are an NGO from Kosovo, the term Civil Society and Activism is the umbrella under which we all fall. So thank you you are the best."

– Mexhide Demolli, activist

"Now civil society is proving democracy, that they respect the right of expression and the right of identity. This is very encouraging and yet a milestone in international civil society."

– Kushtrim Palushi, law student, University of Pishtina

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