Last weekend we brought together 25 young leaders from the Baltics for our first Baltic Climate Leadership Workshop. Together with our partners from "society homo ecos:" we spent 4 days of training, skills sharing and discussions on how the Baltic region can start to move on the issue of climate change. 



From organizing organic food fairs to bringing more cyclists to the streets of Riga – many new action ideas for  Moving Planet arose and plans for new campaigns and activities – e.g. bringing the issue of climate change to schools – were developed. 



But most importantly young people from different regions of Latvia  and Estonia came together for the first time to start looking into how to work and campaign together specifically around climate change issues. As climate change issues are not a high priority for people in the Baltic region yet many disussions and ideas centered around how we can raise awareness of climate issues in the region by growing our movement.

So stay tuned for more exiting news and plans for Moving Planet coming from the Baltic region soon! 

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