Tell Lloyd’s to stop supporting EACOP!

Building oil pipelines is incredibly risky business –  and without insurance to “underwrite”, or cover that risk, the polluting projects cannot go ahead. 

We’re standing in solidarity with citizens of Uganda and Tanzania calling on Lloyd’s of London to tell their members not to provide insurance for the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) – an enormous oil pipeline that will be going through the heart of Africa, risking the lives and livelihoods of millions of people.  We need to show them that people around the world are watching and that we expect them to steer clear of this reckless project.

Will you help add pressure?

Yes, I’ll send a LinkedIn comment!

Yes, I’ll call them!

I’ll invite them to a meeting!


  1. Go to Lloyd’s LinkedIn page.
  2. In the “Page posts” section, pick one of their recent posts (doesn’t matter which one) and leave a message in a comment.
  3. In the comment, write how disappointed you are that they haven’t yet told their members to not insure Total’s East African Crude Oil Pipeline. You can mention any of the following:
    • That it’s forcing over 100,000 people off their land.
    • Caused Ugandan and Tanzanian activists to be attacked, threatened, and arrested.
    • Will release up to 34 million tons of carbon pollution every year.
    • Will mean more than 130 oil wells in Uganda’s oldest and biggest natural national park: the Murchison Falls park
    • Risks poisoning the water supply of more than 40 million people in Africa.
  4. Important: If you choose to comment on a post by Lloyd’s that references good work or sensitive topics, like Pride month or the Ukraine grain crisis, please be considerate in your reply and consider complimenting them on their work before making critical comments about their inaction on the climate crisis. We are hijacking their comments on LinkedIn but we should still be polite and considerate.


You can also help add pressure by calling Lloyd’s up directly to speak your mind.

Calling a target directly is one of the best ways of getting your point across. We’ve made it as easy as possible to contact Lloyd’s of London and to report back to us on how the call went – just click the button below to get started 👇


Find out how to call them here


  • If you have an email account that also has a calendar function, you can send a meeting invite to some of the most senior people at Lloyd’s:
  • You should also invite us at [email protected] so we can see what their calendars looks like
  • Pick any random time in your calendar over the next week and add your reminder with a personalised message like: ‘Reminder: rule out insuring oil and gas’, ‘Meditate on my role in supporting the climate crisis’
  • You can add other finishing touches too – you can upload a file, set it as recurring, add a description etc.
  • Then press Save
  • Stuck on how to make a calendar event? Here’s a a guide for GmailOutlook and Apple.