So you may have noticed that things look a little different around–that’s because we’ve launched into Phase 2!  Now we’re focused on International Day of Climate Action in October, making it as big–and influential–as possible.  There’s a ton of new content on the site–but we’re not done yet. We’re cooking up an entirely new section that we’ll be unveiling shortly.

Why a new section? Well, most people don’t self-identify as activists–and if they do it’s often the third or fourth term they apply to themselves.  First and foremost, they identify as something else–an student or a teacher, an athlete or an artist.  But, people who aren’t self-described activists are often precisely the people who can build the kind of movement we must build if we’re going to win this thing. 

That’s why we’re building the new “People” section of–it will be devoted to highlighting and supporting the needs of various groups of people that are involved in the 350 movement-especially ones who don’t immediately identify themselves as activists.  Each one of these pages found in the forthcoming People section will a set of resources designed to serve them–fact sheets, videos, organizing guides, and more.  And, they’ll each have a customized 350 Logo, specially tailored to represent their group. 

So I put out the call for new logos at  We’ve had a ton of logo submissions–207 to be precise–and we’ve narrowed down that massive pool down.  Now we’re left with 10 sets of 10 logos each.  And we’re stumped–we just can’t figure out which set is the best of the best.   So we’re asking all of you to let us know your favorite by voting with the widget below. We want to wrap this up in the next few days and get the People Section online–so vote today and tell your friends!  

To see the pictures, just click the orange arrow next to each Logo Set–once you’ve clicked it once, you can just click the left and right arrows to navigate through the whole set and vote. 

P.S. I can’t guarantee that the winner of this poll will actually be the final choice–but chances are pretty good. Because a few factors are going into decision–and because system isn’t super-secure against immoral tampering by the designers who submitted the logos–there’s a slim possibility we’ll pick a runner-up…

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