"A movement without music is like a movie without music…the audience gets bored quick because they are not emotionally attached to what they are seeing." – Markese Bryant aka Doo Dat.

In 2009 Markese Bryant recorded a music video titled the Dream Reborn (My President is Green) to bring the message of green jobs to the hood.  Markese grew up in East Oakland in a neighborhood with high pollution levels and high unemployment.  He is now organizing his community and other communities around the country to solve both those problems at once, with green jobs.  He runs the Green For All College Ambassador program that works with students on ten historically black colleges and universities in the South to build the base of young leaders working to bring green jobs to campuses and communities across America. Markese is an incredible leader.

I was with Markese when he was recording his music video in Oakland and was so moved to watch how he and his music brought together so many people from all over the Bay Area to call for a green, just economy for all.  Markese is coming out with a new album, the Crisis and Opportunity, that talks about the overlapping crisises of climate change, poverty and a pollution based economy and the opportunities we have as a nation to reboot and rebuild our economy into an inclusive green economy that is green for all! Markese is hoping to be in Cancun later this month for the Climate Talks to preform his green hip hop for negotiators around the world.  

You've got to hear his whole story:

And check out his music video next.

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