When I was at the GPS I was then a member of the Greenpeace Netherlands boat team. I left a few years later to start my own fitness firm with a focus on sustainable outdoor sports close to, or in, nature. 

Since GPS I had helped start the Fossiel Vrij NL campaign which is now its own organisation in the Netherlands and is doing important work to stop fossil fuel financing. I have also become an active member of the Green Left (GroenLInks) party in the Netherlands and am an officer in my local chapter, where we work on campaigning for green initiatives at the local and municipal levels. 

Most importantly I married someone I met at GPS! She is a climate activist herself who does communication work for climate, clean energy and circularity projects. Together, we remain active in climate groups, most recently Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace, and build on the learnings from those 10 years ago in Istanbul. An opportunity for which I am still very grateful today.

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