If you’re like me, you have a difficult time pronouncing the word “Scythe.” But when Bill McKibben sent this to me yesterday, it didn’t matter–now I’m amazed at the possibilities for Scythe Art on October 24!

 This is one of the best pictures we’ve gotten since the 350 campaign began–in part because it was created not with a machine but with a scythe, on Peter Vido’s farm in New Brunswick, Canada. Peter isan internationally renowned scythe activist, keeping alive an important part of our farming heritage. Read more about it here.

We wrote to ask him if he’d coordinate some scythe actions for Oct. 24–rounding up some of his blade-wielding friends to carve big 350s out of fields still unmown at that late date in the (northern hemisphere) harvest season. He said sure–and then within a few hours he’d gone out and created this work of art as a kind of appetizer. 

The speed with which this intricate image was created proves one of his points: that the scythe, far from being a relic of our agricultural past, is an essential and beautiful tool for our post-carbon future. We can’t wait to see what happens on Oct. 24–our appetite is whetted!

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