A movement is, in part, a family—and we have good news about one of the people who helped get this movement going. Bob Massie, of Massachusetts, U.S.A., was one of the first to figure out that we’d need to take the global warming fight straight to the biggest corporate players, and he started the Global Reporting Initiative, which tracked carbon and cash. He worked with the big auto companies before anyone else—pushing them constantly to do more. He’s been, in a word, tireless.

Except that for the last few years he’s been tired as hell. With his liver failing, he’s been lucky to get a few hours of work in on a good day—though a few hours of his time is worth a lot. But this weekend came joyous news, from Emory University Hospital—Bob got a liver transplant, and is doing enormously well.

I talked with him by phone a few hours after surgery, and he said he was ‘ready for duty.’ We’ll give him a few weeks of recovery—but we know where he’ll be on October 24!

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