India, like much of the world, is facing immense energy challenges. But as the country with the largest, most vulnerable population to climate change, coal is not the answer to our country's needs. Here is an infographic for just some of the reasons we don't want coal…


1. Coal is responsible for about 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

2. India plans to generate 400,000 MW of coal generated power in the next 20 years.

3. 2.06 billion tonnes of coal is needed every year to generate this energy.

4. About 40% of Indians don't have access to electricity.

5. Ranging from Asthma to acute lung cancer, the dangers are real and serious.

6. 50,000 tribals have been displaced in a single region of Jharkhand.

7. Price of renewable energy is on par with conventional energy.

8. Rising prices have made the projects economically non viable.

9. IPCC report on renewable energy potential of 80% by 2050

10. Moving planet Delhi

11. Moving Planet Maharashtra

12. Moving Planet Andhra Pradesh

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