A new report from the Congressional Research Service documents the massive carbon footprint of TransCanada’s Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Despite misleading statements from industry and Congress that the pipeline will only ship oil that would otherwise be burned elsewhere if the pipeline is not built, the report shows how building the pipeline will be the equivilent of putting millions of cars on the road.

Keystone XL will carry tar sands oil, which as the dirtiest oil on earth, has a higher carbon footprint than other oils as well. The report concludes that building Keystone XL is the equivilent of  putting 588,000 to 4,061,000 passenger vehicles on the road, or the the energy used to power 255,000 to 1,796,000 homes for one year.

With the world heating up and oceans rising, we can’t afford any more projects like Keystone XL that accellerate the climate crisis. 350.org will continue to work to stop the pipeline and other attempt to expand the tar sands. Watch for more soon.

Click here to read the report (.pdf)

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