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Dear Friends,

I’m writing this wrap-up from the latest round of UN Climate Negotiations in Germany, where world leaders are have been dragging their feet in creating a new climate treaty.  Again.

It’s politics as usual: without a clear demand from the public, politicians are being swayed by corporate lobbyists and others who oppose real action.

We’ll never have the money of the lobbyists – last year Exxon-Mobil made more money than any company in the history of money – but by uniting around a common call to action, we can set a new agenda for these negotiations before December’s crucial climate meeting in Copenhagen.

That’s why I’m so excited to unveil the latest 350.org video: it’s a creative, 21st-century invitation to participate in the 350 International Day of Climate Action in October — an invitation to help build a movement united by three digits that can change the world.

Check out the new video:

The bottom line is that before world leaders gather in Copenhagen this December, we need to build a people-powered movement to set the global climate agenda.

Even the head of the UN climate change branch, Yvo de Boer, is getting a little desperate. Speaking to NGOs last week he said, “If you could get your members out on the street before Copenhagen that would be incredibly valuable.”

Which is exactly what we’re doing. Our momentum so far is nothing short of thrilling–we have over 1000 actions registered for October already. With your help, we’ll multiply this movement in every corner of the planet–but we can’t do it without you. So, when you’re done watching, please forward the link to the video to everyone you know:


Many thanks in advance,

Jeremy, for the entire 350.org Team

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