350.org has many partners, but our friends at Oceana — the largest ocean conservation organization in the US — really stand out. They recently launched a massive ad campaign in Copenhagen to "highlight the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 350 parts per million (ppm) to avert a mass extinction of corals and likely declines in the countless marine species that depend upon them, this century."

That means that when every single government delegate who arrives at the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen next week they’ll be greeted in the airport, in downtown, and at the central conference venue with billboards, films, and other advertisements all displaying the 350 message.

Jacqueline Savitz, senior campaign director with Oceana, explains:

With emissions already at 385 ppm, we want to be clear about what is required to save an important source of food, income and recreation for the world’s population. Oceana’s goal is to highlight what’s at stake if we fail to achieve major carbon reductions through an agreement at Copenhagen.  We hope these ads will remind policy-makers that climate change will severely alter the oceans, which will affect all of us, jeopardizing some of our favorite meals and seaside activities, among other things. It’s about whether we will have healthy oceans and ocean-based economies 40 years from now – or whether we will say goodbye to treats like lobster and oysters in our lifetime.

An enormous thank you to all the people at Oceana … and to all of you, too. Without the incredible actions and events that took place on October 24 the 350 ppm target would still be stuck on the pages of a scientific paper. Your hard work and commitment have taken 350 from the fringe and injected it into the very center of the debate — and onto great ads too! 

Click here to check out the other 350 ppm ads that Oceana is running in Copenhagen and learn more about the work they are doing to protect the world’s oceans.





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