But–good news today. 100 groups have today endorsed the petition filed with the United States Environmental Protection Agency by 350.org and the Center for Biological Diversity (which did almost all the work). The petititon asks the EPA to set the official safe air quality standard for the US at 350 ppm co2. Since carbon dioxide is a globally mixed gas, it’s not quite like the other pollution the act usually regulates this way–but it turns out there are provisions in the law which make it possible for America’s environmental regulators to figure out what the country’s contribution to a safe atmosphere should be.

In any event, Barack Obama has said often that Congress is a major stumbling block to taking action of the type he’d like. Here’s something his administration can do without even asking the Senate! Read the whole list of supporting groups here: https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/programs/climate_law_institute/global_warming_litigation/clean_air_act/sign-on_letter.html


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