It seems that with the Global Wake Up Call and Age of Stupid premiers last week, the momentum for bold and fair climate action really kicked off.  From Climate week towards October 24, and then to Copenhagen, no longer can politicians say that civil society isn’t doing its part to pressure our political representatives.  Tomorrow’s big event, if you’re feeling ready for the challenge, is One Giant Leap – Parkour jams across the globe in support of a giant push forward for the clean power sector. 

Don’t know Parkour?  In keeping with the tradition of doing crazy things to promote a safe climate and bold action to reduce emissions,Parkour is like freestyle running in cities.  With big cement objects, heights, roofs… anything that’s fun to run on, up, around, or over.  One Giant Leap has coordinated with Parkour groups around the world to organize 3,500 runners, in 100 cities, in 35 countries. Imagine all these crazy runners scrambling, gracefully, across the cities of the world promoting clean power.  Amazing. 

From, the group behind One Giant Leap, we know the power sector is the largest and easiest place to reduce emissions fast, andthat’s just what we’ll need to start steering us back below 350ppm.  So, if you’re feeling adventurous, or you want to see and support what should be a great spectator sport, get out and help take another giant leap towards strong government action on climate.  Next leap?  24th October…

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