In case you missed pictures of the first official action for Oct. 24, here’s the scene at 6:29 a.m. on Brooklyn Hill in Wellington.

Here’s how one witness described the scene: "Beneath the mighty whirr of the wind turbine, and looking out over stunning views of a still sleeping harbour, New Zealanders gathered together before sunrise this morning to be the first people in the world to welcome in the dawn of a momentous day: October 24th 2009: International Day of Climate Action.

Sporting a colorful array of scarves and hats, their t-shirts and banners emblazoned with the 350 logo, the crowd huddled together sharing bleary-eyes, shining smiles and a sense of brimming anticipation regarding the magnitude of the day that was unfolding before them.

“World, hear our call and know that as we stand here on this most incredible of days, we will stand here one month from now, one year from now and we will stand here as long as it takes for 350 to become a reality for our people and planet!” said Aaron Packard and Heidi Clark, representatives of the National 350 team

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