Our Italian friends share: Climate change, it’s not just a bear issue!

The Italian Climate Network – 350.org partners – have been working to put climate change into the Italian context and their message?  “Climate, it’s not just a bear issue!”

Of course we know that one of the most vulnerable parts of the world to climate change and experiencing some of the most dramatic effects is the arctic, and therefore the polar bear has often become symbol for climate change campaigning.  BUT, we also know that it’s not just the polar bear that is affected, all of us are in different ways.  So, with the help of a bear, the Italian Climate Network has put together 3 short videos to make the link between the need to reduce energy, but also how this can help your personal bills.  Combined with fighting the root causes of the issue and the fossil fuel companies who continue to unashamedly use our atmosphere as a polluting ground, we can also be part of the solution!

Enjoy the Italian Climate Network’s short clips and share on!


Break Free From Fossil Fuels

May 3–15, 2016: On six continents, thousands of people took bold action to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground. Break Free showed what the climate movement can do in 2016:
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