Our thoughts go out to a hero of our time

It’s still hard to tell exactly what is taking place today in the Maldives. What we do know is that President Mohamed Nasheed has had to resign. Frighteningly, we are hearing reports that this was a coup, and for that reason our thoughts and prayers go out to all in his administration who now seek safety.

Bill McKibben wrote the the following in response to the news: “No government has been more forthright in the climate fight than President Nasheed’s. He is a hero of our time.”

And now it seems that President Nasheed’s resignation could have been his latest act of courage — attempting to seek peace over violence in a dangerous moment for the Maldives.

Click here for more stories regarding President Nasheed’s tireless efforts to combat global climate change. There is even a new film documenting President Nasheed’s story that you can learn more about here: www.theislandpresident.com.


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