Check out this photo of our allies in Fiji preparing for a warrior dance to show their solidarity with everyone showing up in Washington, DC this weekend to join the Forward on Climate rally and push President Obama to deny the Keystone XL pipeline: 

All across the Pacific, organizers are getting ready for this March 2nd’s Pacific Warrior Day of Action. On that day, Pacific Islanders across 15 Pacific Island nations and territories will come together in mass numbers to perform unique war challenges, songs, and dances.

In a declaration announcing the day of action, people of the Pacific islands wrote: 

We, the people of the Pacific, spread over hundreds of islands stand united by the Pacific Ocean that connects us. Our Warrior dance and chants are to express ourselves and tell the world that we also exist.
We will continue to fight for our land, our existence, and our identity that is threatened by the impacts of climate change. We will never give up to climate change. 
The world needs to hear the voices of our people! It’s 100% Possible for us to be heard.
This is our message to the world that we stand in solidarity against the unwelcomed global reality that is climate change. We understand that the climate crisis is claiming our livelihoods but we will be silent no more. No longer will we act as the victims.
Here in Washington, DC, we’re so honored to have the support of our Pacific brothers and sisters this weekend. And we look forward to standing with them when they take action in March! 

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