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Coal has no borders

Coal pollution starts with local destruction, but eventually it spreads across land and air until it reaches our atmosphere, making our planet’s climate warmer and more dangerous. The people of Muğla, Turkey know this only too well.

The Escazú Agreement changes what’s possible for environmental & climate protection

People who are leading the defence of Mother Earth: protecting ecosystems, the commons, and fighting to keep fossil fuels in the ground, come up against brutal vested interests. The Escazú Agreement is a ground breaking multilateral agreement signed by 16 Latin America and Caribbean nations that will be a crucial tool for climate and environmental protection in the years to come.

Déjà Vu: Flooding in Trinidad

The catastrophic flooding that inundated Trinidad and Tobago in October is a reminder of the need for bold, collective action.

The Climate Trial of the Century

On Monday, October 29th, the 21 youth plaintiffs of Juliana v. United States gathered with their legal team in Eugene, OR and supporters as thousands rallied across the U.S. on what was supposed to be their first day of trial. But a stay issued by the Supreme Court pushed the trial start date back indefinitely, until the Supreme Court cleared the way for the case to head to court.

An activist walks into a bank…

Over the last week people all over Europe took action at the banks financing the climate crisis. They shared one simple demand: preventing climate chaos = no new money for fossil fuels.

Putting Banks on Notice

In Switzerland, 7,000 marched straight to the banks funding climate chaos in reaction to the IPCC’s report on 1.5˚C.