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UK: We need a Green New Deal

Even our Parliament agrees – we are facing a Climate Emergency. This has been long understood by the communities on

Japan’s dirty energy secret

This year’s G20 Summit is an opportunity for Japan, and the rest of the biggest economies in the world, to show climate leadership.

Demanding a Fossil Free EIB

Dozens of activists from all over Europe march to the European Investment Bank’s headquarters to demand an end to their fossil fuel financing.

What will you Promise to Protect?

The Promise to Protect Training Tour trained 1,160 organizers across the U.S. in 9 cities to follow Indigenous leadership to take non-violent direct action against fossil fuel infrastructure from entering their communities. Watch our wrap-up video and sign on to the Promise to Protect today.

Ukraine on #ClimateStrike

Youth in Ukraine are steadily building a strong climate movement. Here are their demands.