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This resistance is built on hope.

The resistance to Trump is built on hope — and today we have more reason to hope than any day since November 9th. Tomorrow we need to keep building it. On Friday, Donald Trump took the oath of office while people shut down seven checkpoints to his inauguration. Yesterday millions of people hit the streets... (More...)

Inauguration Day, and the work to come

Today is a hard day. The man about to step into the White House represents a set of values we cannot support. He plans to attack the foundations of truth and justice that the climate movement (and so many of our allied movements) are built on. But his responsibility is to be a leader for... (More...)
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Keeping up national pressure on Trump’s nominees:

Last week Rex Tillerson had a very bad day on Capitol Hill. He faced tough questions on ExxonMobil’s climate record and human rights abuses, then effectively pled the 5th when questioned about Exxon’s climate cover-up. Tillerson’s nomination is weakening because people are standing up and demanding Senators ask tough questions. This week EPA nominee Scott... (More...)
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First German Doctors’ Pension Fund divests from coal

Great news earlier this week when the Berlin Doctor’s Pension Fund, Berliner Ärzteversorgung (BÄV), announced it was divesting from all companies generating more than 25% of their turnover from coal mining or basing more than 25% of their energy production on coal. This will affect 40 companies of the €7bn fund. A group of BÄV member... (More...)

First Belgian divestment win Congratulations to the students in Liège

We are very excited that the students in Liège have achieved the first Belgian university divestment win! On 17 January, the University of Liège announced it would divest all direct holdings from fossil fuels within 5 years and immediately freeze any new investment in fossil fuels.  Fossil Free ULg – Aide l’ULg à avoir les... (More...)

Jan 23: Students across the country will walk out of class to stand against climate denial

On January 23rd, students across the country will walk out of class to stand against the Trump administration’s climate denial agenda that so profoundly threatens the next generation. This is our moment to make sure that from the very first hours of Trump’s presidency, the majority of us who oppose his vision for the country are... (More...)
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How Everyday People Are Fighting Trump’s Cabinet

This fight has always been in the hands of everyday people who know that when we put up a fight, we can win. This month, we have the chance to stop people like Rex Tillerson from getting into office, and show the country what opposition to Trump and his agenda can look like. Hear from some... (More...)
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