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The Global Divestment Mobilisation is LIVE

After months of preparation, the Global Divestment Mobilisation launches today.  From 5-13 May, thousands of people worldwide are intensifying their demands for institutions to divest from the companies most responsible for causing climate change. Regressive politics is on the rise and rumours are circulating again that Trump is about to pull the US out of... (More...)

New York’s divestment campaign is moving and shaking closer to victory!

By Richard Brooks, Iconic Divestment Coordinator at 350.org Everyone’s talking about fossil fuel companies and divestment in the Empire state these days. First out of the gate was NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, the man who controls much of the direction and investments of the NYC $170 billion pensions funds. Finally admitting, albeit late, that the... (More...)

Raising Our Paddles

This May, a delegation of Pacific Islanders who are fighting climate change from the frontlines of impact, are headed to one of the dirtiest fossil fuel extraction sites on the planet: the Canadian tar sands. These Pacific Climate Warriors are disappointed that Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has deliberately broken his international climate promises by... (More...)
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Onwards, to a Global Divestment Mobilisation

For hundreds of millions of people around the world, climate change has moved from being a future distant threat, to one that is impacting them now. From the big picture impacts of catastrophic flooding, withering drought, out of control wildfires, unprecedented coral bleaching, to the small and local: trees dying outside kitchen windows as the... (More...)
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The time is now…NY joins global wave of divestment actions in May

By Betamia Coronel – Reinvestment Coordinator with 350.org We know the last 100 days have not been easy. They have been filled with a lot of anger, fear and uncertainty as we have watched the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines approved, the appointment of climate denier Scott Pruit as head of the EPA and the... (More...)

Peoples Climate March Highlights

On April 29th, students, workers, faith communities, Indigenous Nations, community organizations, and environmental groups joined together to make it clear that this resistance will defend our communities, now and forever. The march was a beautiful, hopeful moment. And now, together, we will chart another path for America: away from Trump’s agenda for a cruel, polluted... (More...)
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