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MidCAT Pipeline Stopped

People power has won another victory against fossil fuels: the MidCat/STEP gas pipeline between France and Spain was just cancelled!

County Bans on Fossil Fuels: An Interview with 350 Seattle

On January 28th, the King County Council of Washington State will vote on an historic ordinance to ban all new, major fossil fuel infrastructure projects. got in touch with our local affiliate on the ground, 350 Seattle, to learn more. Read the interview below:

Cross-movement Connections: Learning from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Team

350’s May Boeve and Natalia Cardona joined fellow social justice advocates to acknowledge the unification of ongoing social movements and recommitment to the legacy of the civil rights movement at the launch of the Ghandi King Institute for Nonviolence and Social Justice.

Striking for their lives

In Germany, student school strikes for the climate are heating up – and taking aim at the national commission to phase out coal

Fossil Free News: Hope for 2019

Diverse movements fighting for justice all over the world are growing rapidly in strength and numbers. Can you feel it too? This will be our year.

COP 24 Reflections

The UN Climate Talks in Katowice, Poland were not inspirational for their policy outcomes, but rather the creation of a space for civil society to gather and take back power.

A Message from Bill McKibben

A short message and video from Bill McKibben and his dog Birke on the importance of this moment for the climate movement.