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A Green New Deal: What, Why, How

By Ellen Gibson, UK Organiser You’ve probably heard a bit about the Green New Deal ideas that are electrifying

Our house is on fire but its business as usual at the HSBC AGM

School strikers George and Noga join forces with Bangladeshi anti-coal campaigner Rumana to share why they’re taking action together today against HSBC’s continued financing of coal. They’re outside the banks’ annual meeting today in Birmingham, UK.

HSBC profits from destruction

HSBC will be holding its annual shareholders’ meeting this week. We’re joining others to demand HSBC stop profiting from death and destruction of people and the planet.

Parents of School Strikers Demand Climate Action

Adults from 16 countries sign letter in a pledge to act now on climate change and declare support for the youth in their demands for a safe, just and clean future.