December 2, 2019

1.3 million youth strikers vow to make UN Climate Talks Count

Global Climate Strikes take place in 157 countries across the world

  • Tens of thousands of people took to the streets from Chile to Madrid as youth strikers drum up support for climate action ahead of UN climate talks.
  • Almost 3406 events  in 149 countries globally, following on from the record-breaking September climate strikes
  • December 6th during the UN climate talks, protests will take place across the globe with big mobilisations expected in Madrid and Santiago.

On Friday 29 November  youth strikers once again took to the streets to highlight the urgent need for action to halt climate breakdown as delegates from around the world  attends the COP25 climate talks in Madrid starting this week.

“World leaders say they hear us and that they understand the urgency. But in one year of climate strikes, nothing has changed, nothing. For every step made forward, we went five steps back. The scientists say we have never been less likely to stay below 1.5 degrees”. Greta Thurnberg

“The eyes of all future generations are upon the governments of the world. So today, right before the start of the UN Climate Conference, we call out this scandal. On streets all over the world, we say it’s time to unite behind the science.  We demand that leaders act according to the basic science — science so clear, that even children understand it.” Luisa Neubauer

“We ask you to understand the climate crisis as a human rights crisis, as a crisis of justice. Colonial, racist and patriarch systems of oppression have given rise to and worsened the climate crisis and we need to dismantle them all. And perhaps most importantly: the climate crisis is a crisis of political will.”  Angela Valenzuela

This has been a historic year as we’ve witnessed millions of people around the world take to the streets as part of the Climate Strikes. It is impossible for governments to continue to ignore how people from all walks of life are demanding;  an end to burning fossil fuels, just transition to 100 per cent renewable energy and to hold polluters accountable for the mess they have made. All of these efforts would be aided by kicking fossil fuel industry lobbyists out of COP: they’re only there to block progress and the world desperately needs to move forward.”   May Boeve, Executive Director 

Mumbai, India.