April 7, 2022

350.org Responds to 2022 Canada Federal Budget

Ottawa, Ontario – In response to the presentation of today’s 2022 Federal Budget in Ottawa, Katie Perfitt, Senior Canada Organizing Specialist with 350.org issued the following statement:

“Earlier this week, the world’s best scientists put out another IPCC report making it clear that we need to get off of fossil fuels to tackle the climate crisis. But, today, Justin Trudeau, backed by the NDP, tabled a budget giving billions of dollars to expensive, ineffective carbon capture technology that does little more than ensure Big Oil will continue to expand fossil fuel production. This after he presented a climate plan that would increase tar sands production and gave the green light to the massive Bay du Nord offshore oil project.

If this government was serious about climate change, we wouldn’t still be waiting for the Just Transition Act that Justin Trudeau promised three years and two elections ago. This budget would include billions of dollars funding that transition but instead, we’re getting more handouts to Big Oil and more promises to do more on climate change at some other time.”


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