October 9, 2017

350.org on Clean Power Plan rollback: “This decision will be fought in the courts and in the streets”

Washington, DC — Today, the Trump administration announced plans to begin rolling back the Clean Power Plan, a federal policy designed to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

350.org Executive Director May Boeve gave the following response:

“Rolling back the Clean Power Plan has been part of Pruitt’s agenda since well before he was approved to run the EPA. Slashing climate policy is par for the course in the Trump administration, but we won’t let it go unchallenged. This decision will be fought in the courts and in the streets. It will be up to people all across the country to do what the White House won’t: shut down polluting fossil fuel projects and move our communities to 100% renewable energy for all. Now is the time for communities to push for policies that move us toward clean energy while stopping the fossil fuel industry’s expansion, and pressure local officials to support them. As Trump tries to quash climate action from the top down, we’re continuing to fight back from the ground up.”


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