December 8, 2016 on Trump considering Andrew Puzder for Labor Secretary

Brooklyn, NY — President-elect Trump is expected to name fast food executive, and critic of minimum wage raises, Andrew Puzder to head the U.S. Department of Labor. Executive Director May Boeve gave the following response:

“With climate change impacting our daily lives and threatening the chances for a livable future, we need a labor secretary who is ready to create millions of union-wage jobs deploying renewable energy like wind and solar. Millionaire and fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder couldn’t be further from that. From speaking out against the Fight for Fifteen to opposing expanded eligibility for overtime pay, Puzder shares the President-elect’s own penchant for putting profits over people. And if Trump keeps filling his administration with Wall Street-friendly millionaires, we’re headed in a devastating direction — not only for the rights of workers, but for our climate as well. It’s more important than ever that our movements stand together and push back on the course Trump is driving us down.”


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