December 7, 2015 on Week 2 of COP21: “Time for Politicians to Fall in Line”


Contact: Lindsay Meiman, [email protected], +330603319752
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Paris — Executive Director May Boeve issued the falling statement on what politicians need to deliver during the second week of climate talks here in Paris:

“Last week, the world showed that it was ready for an end to fossil fuels and a just transition to 100% renewable energy as soon as possible. Now, it’s time for politicians to fall in line. The showdown in Paris will be between the countries who are calling for a renewable energy future and those who would prefer to align themselves with the polluting industries of the past.

The fight for 1.5°C that has reemerged here in Paris is critically important because it emphasizes how urgent this crisis is for millions of vulnerable people across the planet.

Just this week, we’ve seen the dangers that come with only 1°C of warming: flooding across India that has left hundreds dead, deluges that have put parts of the United Kingdom underwater.

Scientists are clear that in order to meet that target, concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere must be brought back below 350 parts per million. That means nearly all fossil fuels must be kept in the ground and the transition to 100% renewable energy needs to be a sprint, not a marathon. If countries are serious about preventing the worst impacts of climate change, they must set a strong long term goal and clear mechanisms to raise ambition every five years, with developed countries agreeing to putting forward more money to fund the transition.

People, cities, institutions, and investors have all chosen the side of renewables–now it’s time for politicians to finally stand up to the fossil fuel industry and fight for a livable planet.”

Over the coming week, will be organizing a series of actions and announcements to push for stronger action to move the world away from fossil fuels. Activists are currently planning a creative demonstration in Paris for Saturday, December 12th. More details will be forthcoming.